Thursday, June 10, 2010

This blog ain't dead, I swears it!

So the first of my design projects that've ate my sanity lately was the colour wheel. We started with doing things called 'colour runs', aka 'running' one colour into another, such as from light yellow into darker yellow, to achieve nice gradations that we later use to make a rainbow. Thing. Colour wheel.

Here you can see my giant amount of colour runs; each sheet of paper took about 15-45 minutes to do (to mix the paint...paint it carefully...), and it's missing a few sheets that I had to go back to add in later (like 5 of them), so it's a lot of hours of my life there, laid out on the table.

At least the hours of my life are colourful. :D

I then discovered that acrylic paints paint 'just like photoshop!'. I found this far funnier than I should have. Ah well.

Then we had to match the colours we painted to these paint chips that our teacher handed to us...and that wasn't so bad...

But then we had to add steps in between and cut them small and make the colour change from one step to the next even and then it was 3am and all I wanted was to sleep with my fluffy, fluffy blankets... :(


The end. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm not dead!

So, first time I pick up my computer to do art in weeksmonths and I do an MSPaint picture of anime. And it took like four hours in total. I...didn't have the heart to finish it.

This one is of fireworks. PaintBBS, 16min. But it looked boring.

So this one is of fireworks too. PaintBBS, 27min. Van Gogh would be sad.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

False post.

Oops. Wrong posting service.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

fail post is fail.

This are picture of jellyfish.

22min, paintBBS

And this are picture of girl in the ocean. Wouldn't you enjoy being that cold?

101min; paintBBS

I'm pleased with how the light hits her body, but kind of hate the rest of it. Some pictures you just can't help, I guess.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long overdue update

Hey, not quite two months without updating. Not bad, not this rate I might have a readership by 2012 or so.

my happy place

pencil crayons, crappy sketchbook paper.
end of March

The colours didn't scan well, but I had fun with with it, so it's all good. Here is my happy place. The trees grow funny there.

abstract doodle 1

pencil, same crappy sketchbook
date's on the image

This one's just me mucking about with pencils. I was either inspired by bacteria or The Matrix.

abstract doodle 2

pencil, charcoal,
May 22

I seem to do a lot of these. Um, this one's different because it's less melodic or something frou-frou like that. Hey lookit! You can see the image behind it because moleskine sketchbook paper sucks. Please don't tell anyone I said that.

untitled, on index card

I drew this in French class today because I was bored and wanted to draw the face of a pretentious man. I don't know what having a young, nubile female pose with an ugly mask in lieu of a pretentious man says about my psyche. In my defence, I've been watching coffee prince lately.

And there we go! Perhaps I shall update with more than four pictures next time, and perhaps next time will not be in another two months' time. :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

only trying to be more than I can be...

Artists are liars because we make reality out to be more - brighter, thicker, headier, dizzier, more passionate with more fire; more solid than solid, and more real than real.

Artists are dangerous because we lie about the truth, the heavens, and human emotions.

Artists are cowards because we choose to live in this glimmering fantasy world than to face the grime of reality - even the grime has to be beautiful, evocative.

Artists are only telling the truth, sometimes.

And that's when it's beautiful.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two pictures from January.

Promotions for The Devil's Advocate. It didn't work, sadly.

Done in photoshop

And here's another one of those fifteen-minute oekaki doodles. Apparently my subconscious is fond of...trees with bulbous things on them.

More art to come next time I spend quality time with my scanner. Cheers.