Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long overdue update

Hey, not quite two months without updating. Not bad, not bad...at this rate I might have a readership by 2012 or so.

my happy place

pencil crayons, crappy sketchbook paper.
end of March

The colours didn't scan well, but I had fun with with it, so it's all good. Here is my happy place. The trees grow funny there.

abstract doodle 1

pencil, same crappy sketchbook
date's on the image

This one's just me mucking about with pencils. I was either inspired by bacteria or The Matrix.

abstract doodle 2

pencil, charcoal,
May 22

I seem to do a lot of these. Um, this one's different because it's less melodic or something frou-frou like that. Hey lookit! You can see the image behind it because moleskine sketchbook paper sucks. Please don't tell anyone I said that.

untitled, on index card

I drew this in French class today because I was bored and wanted to draw the face of a pretentious man. I don't know what having a young, nubile female pose with an ugly mask in lieu of a pretentious man says about my psyche. In my defence, I've been watching coffee prince lately.

And there we go! Perhaps I shall update with more than four pictures next time, and perhaps next time will not be in another two months' time. :D

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Jessica Zhang said...

Hey Angelina!
I love your blog (: found the link on your msn personal message.

I'll make sure to check back frequently for your new art! I like your style :D

love the pink trees~